Kitty Kitty Hi Hi (Kitty for short) is a cat who is the main protagonist of the Kitty Kitty Hi Hi comic series.His age is unknown but he seems to be in his early to mid 20s.It is well noticed that despite his age he is rather childish and immature.

Roles in each ComicEdit

  • The First Day: Kitty is a main character in this comic, thus it being his first one. 
  • A Day To Rewind: Kitty goes around the town with Fishy to meet the "not so nice parts of the town."
  • Mystery Consert: Fishy takes Kitty and Cashew to "Keyboard Cats" concert.
  • Squirrel Sale: Kitty is not in this comic

Trivia Edit

  • Kitty's name is inspired by Japanese Anime.
  • A small graphic error in some comics is he eyes. In some comics his eyes are black pupils with a with circle around. In others they are just dots. This same error also happens to Cashew.
  • The creater has said he loves food.

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